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The Algebra Ecosystem

In this section, you'll delve into the Algebra DEX Ecosystem, which includes DEXes, ALMs, Cross-Chain Aggregators, and more.
Algebra is a Protocol enabling projects to integrate Concentrated Liquidity tech, alongside other groundbreaking features — Dynamic (volatility-based) Fees, Built-in Farming, Limit Orders, and more.
Algebra DEX Engine is seamlessly integrated into various DEXes:
and more, across different chains. Thus, Algebra propels them to higher trading volume & enhanced capital efficiency. Learn more on our website:
The main concept of the Algebra Protocol is to integrate the concentrated liquidity & adaptive fee mechanics into a DEX. For that, we have a ready-to-use code, consisting of these two breakthrough features – Concentrated Liquidity & Dynamic, or Volatility-based, Fees.
With all the DEX integrations we’ve completed to bring some competition & innovation to the world of DeFi, we also got into partnerships with a myriad of other projects – cross-chain aggregators, automated liquidity managers, blockchains, and more. Take a look! ALMs:
Backed by:
And more to come!
Learn more about our V3 DEX Engine, here.
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